Discover the world of Enigma…


Style: Uchronia (what is an uchronia?) & Dystopia (what is a dystopia?)
USA (and all over the world!)
Revisited Fifties with Thirties style…
Main character:
Ashley Reeves
USA 1947. World War 2 reached a recent conclusion.

Paranormal activity and numerous freakish events stalk the land and terrorize the population. Seemingly, the dead haunt the living and take possession of their homes…

Political regimes are ineffectual and chaotic in their attempts to countering the phenomena. No country seems spared. In this context the post war climate globally is one of fear and unease.

All is at a standstill: rebuilding, technological and cultural advancement, as mankind has lost its appetite for progress. Surveillance Zeppelins roam the skies in a context of domineering governments.

Hope, mediums have joined forces within an underground society, trying to gain an understanding of the causes of the phenomenon, helping the population, and forming resistance to the radical and repressive methods of the powers that be.

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